Friday, May 29, 2009

RPG Tech #1: Online Whiteboard (Update)

Just wanted to provide an update on this fantastic little whiteboard. I provided a review of dabbleboard earlier.

The developer just added a few key enhancements (based on user comments, including mine):
  • The ability to save a canvas size (this is important for those large, outdoor battles). Before, the canvas size would revert back to the default size and you would have to bump it back up. It was a very big pain.
  • The ability to keep the grid on. Before, it would always revert back to no grid.
Obviously, both of these new enhancements just make dabbleboard better for my Evernight PBP maps. Here's the latest one we are using. The PCs are quickly crushing a group of spider-men, but I hope to get my licks in before they are finished.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Back in early 2007, I started a little wiki for the my favorite RPG: Savage Worlds. Two years later, Savagepedia has come a long way. The site currently has 160 registered members, has had almost 40,000 unique visits from all over the world, and has given the awesome SW community a place to share information. It provides community contributed content ranging from house rules to an organized collection of information for all the SW settings.

I just recently launched the third Savagepedia contest to entice users to join and contribute. I usually provide a prize out of my ebay pile, but this time Sean Preston from Reality Blurs contributed a signed copy of his awesome RunePunk setting book. The contest was a success and the wiki just keeps getting stronger every day.

Although I'm in a gaming dryspell right now, its great to have this outlet (like this blog) to help promote the hobby that I love.

If you haven't visited Savagepedia, stop by and take a look. You don't have to be a SW fan to find some good information. The Gaming Aids page is a great resource for any RPG fan. And, if you are a Savage Worlds fan, Savagepedia should definitely be on your list of bookmarks.