Friday, May 22, 2009


Back in early 2007, I started a little wiki for the my favorite RPG: Savage Worlds. Two years later, Savagepedia has come a long way. The site currently has 160 registered members, has had almost 40,000 unique visits from all over the world, and has given the awesome SW community a place to share information. It provides community contributed content ranging from house rules to an organized collection of information for all the SW settings.

I just recently launched the third Savagepedia contest to entice users to join and contribute. I usually provide a prize out of my ebay pile, but this time Sean Preston from Reality Blurs contributed a signed copy of his awesome RunePunk setting book. The contest was a success and the wiki just keeps getting stronger every day.

Although I'm in a gaming dryspell right now, its great to have this outlet (like this blog) to help promote the hobby that I love.

If you haven't visited Savagepedia, stop by and take a look. You don't have to be a SW fan to find some good information. The Gaming Aids page is a great resource for any RPG fan. And, if you are a Savage Worlds fan, Savagepedia should definitely be on your list of bookmarks.

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